July 17, 2024

Numerous Northern Virginia families have accused Craig Tadlock from T&S Homebuilders of pocketing their money, leaving their homes unfinished. Tadlock dismisses these allegations. Last Thursday, according to WUSA9, he surrendered himself to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center. He now faces several criminal charges, including collecting money under false pretense.

Over six families report significant financial losses due to construction delays and mistakes tied to Craig and T&S Homebuilders, LLC. The company is run by Craig’s son, Justin Tadlock. James Ferrell, one of the people scammed by T&S Homebuilders, hopes this will not happen to others.

For instance, James and his wife Jenna, both military attorneys, were relocating from Denver, Colorado, to Northern Virginia for military purposes. They hired T&S Homebuilders, LLC in November 2021 expecting to move in by summer 2022. The building contract stands at $744,650 with an estimated duration of 24 weeks from permit approval.

However, Craig Tadlock reportedly didn’t apply for building permits until 15 weeks after signing the contract causing delays. And when Jenna visited the construction site in July 2022, there was only a pile of dirt. The couple were forced to rent an apartment as delays continued.

During construction, further issues arose. The builder unexpectedly added space and materials without proper consultation or approval from Fairfax County. Feeling manipulated, the Ferrells terminated their contract with Craig Tadlock and T&S Homebuilders, LLC, citing fraud and contract breach. The couple soon discovered that they were not alone in their experience.

Repeated Delays and the Resulting Impact

Another couple shared their similar encounter with Craig Tadlock and T&S Homebuilders, LLC. In May 2021, they hired them to build their dream home projected to be ready by December. Instead, the couple witnessed multiple delays, errors, and costly damages, such as exposed weather elements causing water damage and mold in the basement.

This caused a delay in their move and resulted in their terminally ill relative passing away before the completion of the house. The couple had to hire another contractor for an additional $300,000 to finalize the project.

A Dream Home Never Realized

Alan Hill and his wife, Joy Dito, also hired T&S in July 2022 to build their new home. However, after 37 weeks, no building permits were obtained, and no work has commenced, resulting in a loss of $400,000. They pleaded to Tadlock to reconsider his practices.

Craig Tadlock defended himself stating that some homeowners were not truthful. He claimed that the Fairfax County caused the delays and that any disputes should be resolved through arbitration as noted in the contract. Craig Tadlock’s lawyers have remained silent after promising to respond to the allegations.

For the affected families, the key focus now is on moving forward. Thanks to a new builder and an additional $300,000, in August, Jenna, James, and their children finally moved into their new home.

Frequently Asked Questions

#### What steps should you take before hiring a builder?

Before selecting a builder, it’s crucial to gather detailed information. Investigate their reputation, past work, credentials, and financial situation. Take the time to understand the terms and conditions in the contract, and always retain a copy once signed.

#### What should you do if you suspect construction fraud?

If you suspect construction fraud, it’s essential to formally document your concerns. Gather evidence such as contracts, correspondence, and photos. If the builder doesn’t address your concerns, consider seeking legal advice and potentially report them to relevant authorities.

#### How can you protect yourself from construction fraud?

To guard against construction fraud, ensure all agreements are in writing. Understand your payment schedule and never pay the full amount upfront. Regular site visits can help you ensure your project is on track, and including a termination clause in your contract can offer protection should issues arise.