June 15, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fake Bill Scam in the Indore Municipal Corporation?

The Fake Bill Scam is an alleged fraudulent activity in the Indore Municipal Corporation, Madhya Pradesh. Insiders reported that about 20 counterfeit bills, belonging to five firms and connected with the water engineering and drainage department, were submitted to the finance branch. The suspect bills lacked tender, contract, and work order. Despite these irregularities, a payment of Rs 3.20 crore was made to the firms involved.

Who are the parties involved in the scam?

Among those implicated in the scam are five firms: M/s Jahanvi Enterprises, M/s Kshitij Enterprises, M/s King Construction, M/s Neev Construction, and M/s Green Construction. Some members of these companies were arrested, including Rahul and Renu Vadera, and Mohammed from M/s King Construction. Additionally, the services of certain municipal corporation employees have been terminated and some suspended in connection with the scam.

What actions have been taken to investigate the scam?

Given the severity of the allegations, the state government constituted an inquiry committee. This high-level committee, led by Principal Secretary Commercial Tax Amit Rathore, is tasked to conduct a full investigation into the scam. Besides this, the Finance Department has been directed to take disciplinary action against several employees in the Municipal Corporation for negligence in official work.