February 24, 2024

MIAMI – Irving Mercado always checks the card reader before inserting his credit card at the gas pump. 

He did that in Miramar Thursday night. 

“Initially, I tugged on the card reader and it didn’t come off, and I thought everything was okay,” Mercado said. 

As an editor with CBS News Miami, he’s seen the stories of how scammers can steal your information. 

That’s why he’s on alert. 

“I took my card, I put the card inside and felt resistance.”  That’s when he realized there was trouble. 

“I checked the card reader a little more closely, gave it a little tug, and I pulled it off one side and the face plate just came off, and in my hand was a skimmer,” he said. 

Then he noticed the keypad wasn’t right either.

“I took out my tool here and I got it in and lifted this piece out. I turned it around and saw more circuitry,” he explained showing us a picture of the fake keypad. 

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