July 17, 2024

The Nashville community was recently shaken by the grand jury indictment of alleged life coach, Gordon Grigg. Charged for identity theft and various sex crimes, Grigg has been exploiting his position to target victims, according to law enforcement agencies.

In 2009, Grigg was involved in a Ponzi scheme and had to serve time in federal prison. One of his victims from this scheme, Steve Wieland, recently opened up about his experience. Living in Florida, Wieland shared that the discovery of Grigg’s deception was an experience that can really consume a person.

More concerning details about Grigg can be heard directly from Wieland in the video player above.

Beyond identity theft, Grigg’s recent indictment includes numerous sex crime charges, some extremely revolting. It is reported that Grigg tried persuading an undercover agent to commit unspeakable sexual acts against two minors, one under 8 years old, and even a dog.

Wieland, still reeling from his past ordeal, expressed his wishes for Grigg as he faces another trial. “I wish for him to meet a slow, agonizing end,” he said.

To better understand the context of this case, watch our initial coverage on Gordon Grigg below:

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– Carrie Sharp

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gordon Grigg?

Gordon Grigg is an individual who portrayed himself as a life coach. He was recently indicted by the grand jury for identity theft and various sex crimes. This was not his first legal trouble, as in 2009, he was involved in a Ponzi scheme, leading to federal prison time.

What charges is Grigg facing now?

In addition to identity theft, Grigg’s latest indictment includes several sex crime charges. Reports suggest that Grigg tried to persuade an undercover agent into committing sexual acts against two minor children and a dog.

Who is Steve Wieland?

Steve Wieland is a victim of Grigg’s Ponzi scheme that happened in 2009. He is currently residing in Florida and recently decided to speak about his experience with Grigg.