December 3, 2023

BOZEMAN, Mont. – The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about scammers that have called multiple citizens this week.

The scammers are using GCSO phone numbers and deputy names to make it look and sound like the call is coming from the Sheriff’s Office.

The caller is telling people they work for Sheriff’s Office and, they are informing people that they owe the GCSO money to avoid an arrest.

Sheriff Dan Springer said the GSCO will never request money or gift cards.

“We definitely will not ask for any money nothing like that over the phone those are just not legitimate questions and the same with the IRS. They will claim someone is in jail and, they need to send money,” Sheriff Springer said.

Any payments that are related to law enforcement or the jail goes through the courts, not the sheriff deputies.

If the GSCO needs to get in touch with a citizen, a deputy will ask one to come straight to their office in person.

GCSO said if one receives a call like this, hang up immediately. Scammers will be insistent that you stay on the line, which prevents you from thinking through their demands or calling someone else.

For more information, questions, or concerns about a call that appears to come from GCSO (or any other scam), call 582-2100 and leave a message and, a deputy will return your call.

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