May 26, 2022


– IRS boss Charles Rettig warns stimulus check and Child Tax Credit recipients to pay “extra attention” on their tax returns

– Various states reach $1.85 Navient settlement to write off student debt for thousands

– There could soon be a fourth stimulus check for Social Security recipients

– IRS warns that the backlog of six million tax filings could cause tax refund delays

– Seniors could see their Social Security benefits increased to $1,657

– USDA releases the payment schedule for SNAP food stamp benefits

– How would an adjustment to the retirement ageimpact your Social Security benefits this year?

– The Consumer Price Index grew 0.5 percent last month, 7 percent over the course of 2021

– Which states are offering a fourth stimulus check this year?

– CFTB has now sent out the final round of Golden State stimulus checks 

Useful information & links:

Tax Season 2021

– When will my employer send me a W-2 form?

– What benefits are availabletoparents and guardiansthis tax season?

– What are the dates to submit your tax return?

Child Tax Credit

– Can families expect to claim more from the Child Tax Credit when they file their taxes?

– No January Child Tax Credit payment after Congress failed to extend the programme last month

Senator Manchin says he is yet to be convinced on President Biden’s Build Back Better proposals.

Stimulus checks

– How many stimulus checks were approved during the last 12 months?

Social Security

– Will Social Security recipients get an

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