July 24, 2024

In the recent UK general election, Reform UK candidate David White, who has alleged connections with a ‘crypto Ponzi’ called BuddyX based in Dubai, did not manage to secure South Barnsley’s seat.

Desite getting 11,651 votes, White didn’t succeed in becoming the MP for his area. Labour representative Stephanie Peacock won the constituency with 16,399 votes. However, White did come in front of the other candidates by about 8,000 votes.

White, also a South Barnsley councilor, previously supported the BuddyX crypto promotional scheme at a Thailand conference. There, he was identified as BuddyX’s co-founder and UK’s and EU’s head of business. He was also a regular feature in various YouTube videos endorsing the initiative.

White’s association with BuddyX has been denied by Reform UK. They stated, “BuddyX paid him to present in Thailand… He had zero involvement in management, decision making or financial affairs.”

Meanwhile, Hope Not Hate’s investigation unearthed that White hadn’t reported his paid role at BuddyX to the council or in the register of interests, as mandated by the government of the UK’s Code of Conduct.

According to BehindMLM, a platform that reports on multi-level marketing (MLM), BuddyX is a ‘pump and dump Dubai Ponzi’ scheme – they reported its fold on June 20. They also reported that Mahesh Sharma, BuddyX’s initiator, is a recurring crypto Ponzi fraudster who has embarked on a new Ponzi scheme being promoted on BuddyX’s social media channels. Sharma was spotted sitting next to White at the Buddy Achievers Conclave conference.

Reform UK and David White have been approached by Protos for a comment regarding why the councilor advocated for BuddyX.

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Frequently asked questions

What is David White’s connection to the alleged crypto Ponzi scheme BuddyX?

David White, a South Barnsley councilor and Reform UK candidate, has been allegedly associated with a cryptocurrency scam called BuddyX. He allegedly served as a key presenter at their conference in Thailand, and was introduced as the co-founder. He also appeared in various promotional videos. However, Reform UK denies these claims, stating that White’s only involvement was in presenting at the conference, which he was paid for.

Why was David White’s candidacy special during the election?

The singularity of David White’s candidacy during the election lies in his alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency scheme called BuddyX. He was under scrutiny for failing to report his paid role in BuddyX to the council as required by the UK government’s Code of Conduct, which created controversy around his election attempt.

What is the BuddyX scheme?

BuddyX is a cryptocurrency promotional scheme that David White allegedly supported during a presentation in Thailand. According to BehindMLM, it’s described as a ‘pump and dump Ponzi scheme based in Dubai. Founded by Mahesh Sharma, known as a serial crypto Ponzi fraudster, the scheme is believed to have collapsed.