February 24, 2024

This week we’ve found phishing attempts in which scammers are impersonating Equifax, Netflix, and UPS. Would you have been able to spot these scams? 

Phishing Scams

Impersonating trusted brands, scammers prompt you to click on malicious links that lead to phishing pages where they can record all your PII, such as your Social Security number, login credentials, and credit card details. With all this information, they can steal your money as well as your identity.

They make up various pretenses to trick you. For example, issues with your account, a failed delivery, or something else. No matter which tactics they use, they will ask you to take immediate action via the attached link, enabling them to gain access to your PII. Below are some examples:

Equifax Text Scam

“Equifax Alert: Your Score Dropped!” Have you received texts from Equifax that say your credit score dropped or your account was flagged? Hold on before you do anything. It might be a SCAM!

  • Equifax Alert ATTN: Your credit score dropped 00 pts, More info: <URL> (detected by Trend Micro 614 times last week)
  • FRAUD-NOTICE: EQUIFAX has flagged Your ACCOUNT!! Please handle immediately!! <URL>

These texts are NOT from Equifax. Plus, they all lead to websites that don’t belong to Equifax. Instead, they will take you to phishing pages where you could end up exposing your credentials, and scammers can thus take over your account. Don’t let them!

Sample Equifax text scam…

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