June 16, 2024

Just for Laughs, renowned comedy festival based in Montreal fell into a hefty email scam wound last year, according to documents reported by [La Presse](https://www.lapresse.ca/). It’s disclosed that the company lost more than $800,000 in that scam.

Just a few weeks ago, Gestion Juste pour rire Inc., which operates the festival, had called off this year’s event in an attempt to evade bankruptcy. The company reportedly owes over $27 million to its creditors.

The fraudsters established fake email accounts identical to L’Équipe Spectra and Groupe CH, firms offering management services to Just for Laughs. Using these disguised emails, they falsely guided Just for Laughs to transact payments into their new bank account.

Between February and April 2023, Just for Laughs paid three payments summing $813,657 into that bank account, as disclosed in the report. The scam was only spotted by the company in May 2013 following which it alerted the Montreal police.

Currently, Just for Laughs is striving to trace the owner of the bank account where their money was credited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Just for Laughs festival?

Just for Laughs is an iconic comedy festival happening in Montreal. It is a popular event that brings together comedians from around the globe to present their performances.

How was the email scam executed?

The scam was carried out by spoofing the email addresses of L’Équipe Spectra and Groupe CH, companies that provide management services to Just for Laughs. The scammers then instructed Just for Laughs to transfer the amount to their own bank account.

What is being done to address this situation?

On detecting the scam, Just for Laughs reported the situation to Montreal police. The company is also carrying out investigations to discover the owner of the account where the money was sent.