June 15, 2024

FAQ Section

1. What measures are the authorities taking against online fraud?

The authorities are increasing their efforts in identifying and penalizing fraudulent activities in the online space, especially in sectors involving cryptocurrencies and online gambling. Investigations are initiated when suspicions or complaints arise. In some instances, collaborative efforts between different national and international enforcement agencies are used to track, arrest and prosecute the individuals involved.

2. How can investors protect themselves against online fraud?

Investors can protect themselves by being extra vigilant when dealing with online platforms, especially those promising unusually high returns. They should conduct thorough research before investing and be aware of the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, including their volatility and potential for fraud. They should also report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.

3. Why are cryptocurrencies attractive to fraudsters?

Due to their anonymous nature, cryptocurrencies are an attractive option for fraudsters. The technology can be used to scam unsuspecting individuals, perform illegal transactions, and launder money without being easily traced. This makes it easier for fraudsters to manipulate the system to their advantage.

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