December 6, 2022

© Reuters. Dogecoin Founder Says Crypto Spam Bots Have Called A Quit

  • DOGE founder observes fewer crypto spam bots on Twitter (NYSE:).
  • Markus believes the number dropped because of the cost of mass spamming.
  • Elon Musk withdrew from a deal to acquire Twitter for $44 billion because of spam bots.

Billy Markus, the software developer who co-founded the meme , has once again used Twitter to bring attention to the issue of crypto bots. He claims to have noticed fewer spam bots this time and wonders if Twitter has taken any action to address this problem.

Markus noted that the number of cryptocurrency spam bots he currently encounters on Twitter has significantly dropped, which he attributed to the rising expense of mass spamming, and a decline in the number of people believing frauds. In his words:

I wonder if the cost of mass spamming the same obvious stupid scam exceeded the number of people gullible enough to believe the apparent stupid scam, or if Twitter did something.

Markus believes there are currently about 20 obvious scam bots, which used to be 200 every tweet.

The founder and chairman of Boardroom Capital commented sarcastically, saying, “Crypto down so bad even the bots called it quits.” Although, a crypto enthusiast alleged that Twitter is deliberately turning a blind eye to the problem, wondering why it takes them too long to…

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