June 16, 2024

Home Construction Scheme Uncovered in Milton, Del.

Following a home renovation scam investigation, a 36-year-old Milford man has been apprehended and charged.

Virginia Couple Falls Prey to Building Fraud

In late July, a pair of victims from Virginia reached out to the Delaware State Police, reporting a suspicious case of home improvement deception. Information uncovered revealed that Steven Rowan, the 36-year-old proprietor of Sussex Building LLC, had, in January 2022, entered into an agreement with the victims to construct a new residence in Milton’s vicinity. The alleged fraud victims, aged 71 and 79 respectively, claimed to have handed Rowan a significant upfront payment intended for their housing project. Despite their payment, construction has yet to commence, and the fulfilment of the original contract was also neglected while their money was not reclaimed.

Charges Pressed, Arrest Warrants Issued

In response, detectives proceeded to issue an arrest warrant for Rowan, who voluntarily turned himself in last Thursday. The charges laid against him include grand theft of over $100,000 from a victim aged 62 years or older, home construction fraud through false pretense exceeding $100,000, and operating a contractual business without procuring or retaining a valid license. Subsequently, he was given bail at a $120,100 unsecured bond.

Police Seek Other Potential Victims

The investigators are urging anyone who might have fallen victim to a similar scam to reach out to the Troop 4 Financial Crimes Unit at 302-856-5850.