June 30, 2022

Dark Age Defense is a survival guide that offers one-of-a-kind strategies to protect people and their loved ones from natural calamities.

About Dark Age Defense

Dark Age Defense is a guide on developing a tried, working and long-lasting method to help keep the lights working during an emergency.

This Dark Age Defense System is known as an “Infinity Coil” and is reportedly partially based on Nikola Tesla’s research.

In addition, the program is built on technology that will not be accessible to the public for ten years.

This strategy of this guide is better than alternatives like solar panels and backup generators. Solar panels fail much too often and are easily destroyed by natural disasters.

Backup generators are loud, cost a great deal of fuel, and are only designed to power essential equipment until the power is restored.

The Infinity Coil of the Dark Age Defense System is said to be able to illuminate the whole home, keep appliances operational, and keep people and their families as peaceful as if the power had never gone out.

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Working of Dark Age Defense

The fundamental goal of Dark Age Defense is to develop an “infinity coil” that can readily power a complete house.

Nevertheless, according to the creator of Dark Age Defense, it goes far beyond. Additionally, one will learn the following inside their step-by-step system:

  • When the power goes out, the first thing one should do is to…

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