February 24, 2024

SOMERVILLE – Police in five communities are investigating after they said thieves placed skimming devices on credit and debit card readers at Market Basket supermarkets in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

The locations where the devices were found are in Concord and Nashua, New Hampshire, and Haverhill, Reading and Somerville in Massachusetts. Police said a Walmart in Concord, New Hampshire was also targeted.

“I feel like everything nowadays has to be super monitored because of scammers out there,” said shopper Becca Sowards. She’s cautious as a consumer, especially after hearing that the Somerville Market Basket where she shops was one of the targets as thieves placed the so-called skimming devices over the readers and potentially stole sensitive information. “I think it’s an easy way to get money and everyone is looking for easy ways to get money nowadays.”

Police said skimmers jam the chip readers, forcing customers to swipe their cards. The magnetic strip on the cards contain sensitive information. It’s then usually sold to a third party or the black market, said Concord, New Hampshire Deputy Police Chief John Thomas. He said the cards…

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