November 29, 2023

Local authorities are warning Shreveport and Bossier City residents about the latest phone scam, one aimed at Medicaid and Medicare recipients.

Police say it is primarily the elderly being targeted by scam callers, pretending to be Medicare representatives. Those scammers claim erroneously that the person being called can get medications, including high blood pressure medication or high cholesterol medication for free.

Police say once contact is made, the callers then attempt to get as much personal information as possible from the victim. Detectives also warn that scammers are making numerous calls to the same number trying to make contact.

In fact, Ageing Care, a Medicare assistance site, describes the scam in detail: “A caller will pretend to offer various medications, maybe even medical equipment, at no cost because ‘Medicare will cover it.’ The only catch is that the caller needs your Social Security or Medicare Number to verify coverage and a credit card number to cover shipping costs for the free meds.”

And in some cases, authorities warn, the caller tells the potential victim that, due to a change in their coverage, they are owed a refund. Scammers will typically ask for Medicaid or Medicare numbers and bank account information so they can “direct deposit” the funds.

Medicaid and Medicare officials say that beneficiaries will never be asked to update their information, pay a fee or take any other action to receive or “activate” their new cards via phone, and…

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