June 15, 2024

Chicago rapper G Herbo, has confessed to being involved in a credit card fraud plot. The $1.5 million scheme saw the theft of credit card information to fund an extravagant lifestyle: luxury trips with private jet charters, fake designer puppies, and high-end car rentals. G Herbo, borne Herbert Wright III, submitted his guilty plea in a federal hearing in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Friday, acknowledging his role in wire fraud and making false statements conspiracy.

Under the terms of his agreement with the prosecution, the 27-year-old rapper will forego nearly $140,000 — a forfeit equivalent to his share of the proceeds from the fraud. Consequently, prosecutors will dismiss several aggravated theft cases filed against him.

Acting U.S. Attorney Joshua Levy, in a press statement, termed Mr. Wright’s acts as using victims’ payment cards as if they were an unlimited funding source for advancing his career and maintaining an opulent lifestyle.

G Herbo is set to be sentenced on Nov. 7 with a possible imprisonment period of a maximum 25 years. His attorney has yet to comment on the court’s judgment as at the time of publishing this article.

Authorities stated that between March 2017 and November 2018, G Herbo and his promoter, Antonio Strong, used various forms of electronic communication, including text messages, social media messages, and emails to share the stolen account information obtained from dark websites.

Stolen accounts were reportedly used to fund a private jet charter flight that transported G Herbo and his party from Chicago to Austin, Texas. On another occasion, a credit card theft saw them spend nearly $15,000 for Wright and seven others to vacation in a luxurious six-bedroom Jamaican villa for several days.

According to court documents, the rapper used the proceeds garnered from his fraudulent activities to finance his lavish travels to various concert venues, posting images and videos of himself in the private jets, exotic cars, and the Jamaican villa to uplift his career.

Additionally, G Herbo was involved in a scam where Strong purchased two designer Yorkshire terrier puppies from a Michigan pet shop worth over $10,000 using a stolen credit card and a falsified Washington state driver’s license. When the shop owner sought purchase confirmation from G Herbo, Strong guided them to communicate with G Herbo via Instagram message, which he confirmed. Since the stolen credit card details were genuine, the transactions were successfully processed, and it was not until later that the actual cardholders detected and reported the fraud.

Wright was accused in May 2021 of providing false information to investigators by denying any affiliation to Strong when they had been working together as far back as 2016, according to the prosecution. Strong, on his part, vehemently denies involvement in these illicit activities and awaits trial.

G Herbo’s music is heavily influenced by his challenging upbringing on Chicago’s East Side, a neighbourhood popularly known as Terror Town, entailing episodes of gang and gun violence.

He is best known for his debut mixtapes “Welcome to Fazoland” and “Pistol P Project” released in 2014, which were tributes to his friends who had been victims of violent deaths in Chicago. His breakout album, “Humble Beast,” came out in 2017, followed by his latest release, “Survivor’s Remorse,” last year.

The rapper’s 2020 album “PTSD” enjoyed commercial success, debuting at number 7 on the Billboard 200. He also started “Swervin’ Through Stress,” a program in Chicago aimed at providing tools for urban youths to navigate mental health crises, following his transparent admission dealing with PTSD. G Herbo’s contribution to the music industry saw him named in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 music list in 2021.