December 7, 2023
Coinbase scam emails

Coinbase scam emails-It is an urgent message regarding attempted scams through email that have you putting your coinbase cryptocurrency accounts at risk. Many of you have seen these types of messages in your email where it tells you that you had a withdrawal confirmation. Maybe your account has been deactivated because of suspicious activity and many of these are appearing to be coming from a coinbase origin and you may have a legitimate coinbase account.

Beware of coinbase emails:

These emails are coming from a hacker that is using an ominous-sounding threat in your email to make you think something’s wrong with your coinbase account either that you sent a very large payment which you didn’t do or that your account has. or that there’s some suspicious activity and it tells you to click on a button to secure your account or to confirm payment. But what happens is when you click on that it’ll ask you for your coinbase login and this fraudulent scam. The app will take your login information and immediately actually log into your coin base and drain all your money.

What to do?

If you do receive a message don’t click on any links in an email. Go directly to your coinbase app or to the website and sign in directly there. Don’t sign in through an email link because it will drain your account instantly on the screen you’ll see the legitimate coinbase website and pictures of the apps on the phone. But the email that you receive will look similar it’ll have the same colors the same logos. Sometimes you’ll see the word coinbase will be written with a capital I and that’s because the app or the website that’s sending it will have to be similar but not exact. We’ve had reports of clients losing tens of thousands of dollars by clicking on one of these links.

Best way to prevent Coinbase scam emails:

if you have a loss through an online scam you can contact us to do an asset recovery. But the best way to do it is to prevent a loss in the first place! So, Don’t click on any links in apps and this goes for I’m sorry in emails. This goes for banking coinbase bitcoin or any financial institutions. Don’t use a link that’s in an email that comes to you or on social media. Only go to the actual website log in or the app login to check on an account to verify. Something legitimate financial institutions won’t be notified. Notifying you this way to click on a link or even a text message for that matter the reason why they’re using.

Email is because email is more familiar to clients to get notifications from an app. You can put logos and graphical representations in an email that looks like the actual website in a text message. You’re really just going to get a link. It’s harder to make it look legitimate in an email. They can make it look legitimate and they’re sending it out to everybody even.

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