June 16, 2024

A TikTok content creator, @tineefarinee, has accused medical aesthetics company Ideal Image of deceptive practices. Her video exposing the issue has since gained significant traction.

@tineefarinee was inspired to try Ideal Image’s services after watching promotional content from an influencer she trusts on the same platform.

In her clip, she explains how her initial interest in laser hair removal turned into a different treatment promised to be more cost-effective and efficient by the company’s sales agent.

The arrangement was made under the guise of straightforward “monthly payments”, which eventually seemed to be a third-party finance plan in disguise.

@tineefarinee Scam Storytime Pt. 1 #storytime #influencers #fyp ♬ original sound – tineefarinee

Despite being unsure and hesitant, she signed up for the treatment and the loan. However, after being persuaded to endure four sessions that she claims yielded unsatisfactory results, she was continuously pressed to take additional treatments.

She visited another branch for her fifth session and was once again recommended to sign up for six additional services. A 40% discount was also rushed on her tagged as a “limited time offer”. This prompted her to feel that she was a victim of a scheme.

The video @tineefarinee shared has racked up over 7 million views and sparked others to share similar complaints about Ideal Image.

“I too was fooled by Ideal Image,” one user wrote.

“Ideal Image gave me a quote of $3500, but I got the same services for $1100 elsewhere,” another viewer recounted.

A user even revealed, “I used to work at Ideal Image. While it’s a legitimate company, it’s majorly a sales firm.”

The Daily Dot has made efforts to reach out to both Ideal Image and the TikToker @tineefarinee for their side on these allegations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nature of the alleged scam by Ideal Image?

The TikToker @tineefarinee alleged that Ideal Image committed deception by selling a treatment package that was financed through a third-party medical loan disguised as simple monthly payments. The results of the treatments were also unsatisfactory, prompting her to feel cheated.

How did Ideal Image allegedly deception its customers according to the TikToker?

According to @tineefarinee, Ideal Image used aggressive sales tactics to promote and sell their services. They allegedly downplayed the fact that customers were signing up for a loan. Moreover, customers were pressured into continued treatments, despite expressing dissatisfaction with the results.

What has been the public’s response to these allegations against Ideal Image?

The TikToker’s video has gained vast traction, amassing over 7 million views. The controversy has encouraged others to share their own negative experiences with Ideal Image. Comments ranged from overpriced quotes to perspectives from ex-employees attesting to the sales-focused nature of the company.