June 15, 2024

## Belleville City Issues Warning Regarding Door-To-Door Construction Frauds

Belleville city has issued a public alert regarding a door-to-door construction scam circulating in the region.

### The Scam

Victims report that unidentified individuals are going around representing themselves as construction workers. They claim to offer significant discounts on their services, taking advantage of left-over materials from previous jobs.

### City’s Warning

The city’s public safety department urges residents to exercise caution when dealing with such claims. They remind residents that legitimate businesses typically do not operate in such a manner.

### Safeguarding Measures

As a safeguard, residents are urged to verify the credentials of anyone claiming to offer services. They can do this by asking for a business card and contacting the issuing authority to validate their business license. The local Better Business Bureau can also assist in verifying the authenticity of such businesses.

## FAQs:

#### How does the Scam work?
The scam functions by con artists posing as construction workers and offering discounted services. They claim these savings are due to leftover material from past jobs.

#### How can I Verify the Credentials of a Construction Worker?
Ask the individual for their business card and contact the issuing authority to confirm their business license. Contact your local Better Business Bureau for further assistance as needed.

#### What else can I do to Protect myself from such Scams?
Always stay vigilant and never rush into a decision. Only hire certified tradespeople and never pay the full amount upfront. Always ask for a signed contract detailing the scope and cost of work. If you suspect a scam, report it to the local authorities.