June 14, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was the scam orchestrated?

The scammers posed as Landmark Construction and Development, the company hired by the church for construction. They sent a phishing email that was almost identical to the real invoice sent by the construction company. Consequently, the church unknowingly wired the payment to the scammers instead of the real company.

2. Is any progress being made in the investigation?

At the moment, there isn’t any additional public information available about the investigation as it is being handled by the FBI. Details about how the email was compromised to create such a convincing duplicate have not been divulged.

3. What will happen to the building project?

The building project has been halted because the funds for the project were stolen. The lost funds were accumulated over six years as a part of a decade-long vision to build a larger gathering space for the church. The congregation now seeks the community’s help and support to recover from the significant loss and eventually resume the construction.