July 24, 2024


A number of Chinese citizens have been detained in Sri Lanka in connection with an internet fraud scheme, as reported by local law enforcement. At least 30 Chinese individuals were taken into custody by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

As per police reports, the arrests were carried out at a hotel in the city of Negombo. This follows a similar crackdown where over 130 Indian nationals were arrested across various regions of the country for their involvement in a significant online financial fraud.

All the individuals arrested, including the 137 Indians, are purported to be a part of a large-scale coordinated online financial fraud operation.

#### Frequently Asked Questions

Where were the Chinese nationals arrested in Sri Lanka?

The arrests were made at a hotel in Negombo, a major area in Sri Lanka.

Who made the arrests?

The arrests were carried out by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of Sri Lanka.

Why were the individuals arrested?

Both the Chinese and Indian nationals were arrested as part of a crackdown on a significant online financial scam operation.