February 8, 2023

Children are being targeted by scammers trying to extract information about their parents’ credit cards, it has emerged at a special seminar highlighting the latest dangers posed by fiendish fraudsters.

Experts offered advice and used the opportunity to raise awareness at yesterday’s Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry session aimed at helping people protect their bank accounts.

National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) chief information security officer Ali Al Majed has said that phishing fraud cases are on the rise not just in Bahrain but across the region.

“The scammers pretend to be an organisation such as BenefitPay and invent a problem that aims to scare you into giving away your money,” he said.

“They use applications to change their phone numbers to impersonate an organisation and send a text message using their name, which is intentionally misspelt.

“They also send a link which takes you to a site that looks very similar to a genuine website, but it is only a mirror of it.”

Phishing is a strong attack method because it is done at a large scale.

By sending massive waves of emails under the name of legitimate institutions or promoting fake pages, malicious users increase their chances of success in their hunt for innocent people’s credentials.

He urged people to stay vigilant, as scammers are coming up with new methods of deceit every day.

“Of course, the BenefitPay scam is very common right now, but there are also WhatsApp scams where they pretend to be someone…

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