June 15, 2024

Various locations across five districts witnessed sudden raids, conducted by Chhattisgarh’s Economic Offence Wing and Anti Corruption Bureau. These 29 raids were in light of the infamous Mahadev betting app scandal, previously operated under Bhupesh Baghel’s Congress government.

This case of online betting was officially registered by the ACB/EOW earlier in March after the Enforcement Directorate tipped them about potential money laundering.

“Our ACB/EOW teams organized these raids earlier today at 18 places in Durg, 7 in Raipur, and a few others in Raigarh, Balaodabazar and Kanker”, stated an official release.

These raids secured an assortment of electronic appliances, asset-related documents and strange papers associated with the controversial Mahadev application. Also acquired were slips related to Hawala transactions and assorted banking documents. These are currently undergoing further examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the state of the investigation currently?

The inquiry into the scandal is proceeding, with the recent discovery and subsequent arrest of a long-absent suspect, Arjun Singh Yadav. Yadav’s arrest brings the number of people arrested in association with this case to seven, stated the officials.

Who are the notable figures implicated in the case?

Among the 19 accused mentioned in ACB/EOW’s FIR regarding the scandal, are Bhupesh Baghel, the former Chief Minister, and promoters of the app including Ravi Uppal, Saurabh Chandrakar, Shubham Soni and Anil Kumar Agrawal.

What were the illegal activities carried out through the app?

The promoters allegedly set up an online betting platform. They conducted online betting through various social media platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, and Telegram. They appropriated the majority of the illegal profits and distributed the rest to operators. It’s also alleged that prominent police and political figures abused their authority for personal gains from the app’s proceeds.