November 29, 2023

An investigation is underway into a COVID testing company that’s been flooded with negative online reviews.

The Center for Covid Control offers free same-day rapid test results at its more than 300 locations across the country, according to the company’s website.

The website claims it’s “partnered with a CDC approved & licensed laboratory” that it doesn’t identify. It’s linked to a Twitter account created in March 2021 that has just 82 followers and an Instagram account—with the handle “freecovidtest”—that has been flooded with comments calling the testing sites “fake” and “a scam.”

Several customers have left reviews on the Better Business Bureau’s website complaining about not receiving test results and expressing concerns that the company is scamming customers.

“Tested 3½ weeks ago, gotten no results,” one reviewer posted earlier this week. Another review said it “seemed very sketchy,” while another reviewer said they have “serious concerns about this company” after receiving a result with an incorrect date.

The BBB has dropped the company’s rating to an “F.”

A spokesperson for the BBB’s office in Minnesota and North Dakota said it had joined an investigation into the company that was initiated by the BBB Chicago and Wisconsin, KSTP reported.

“First of all, they have a history of just not working with their consumers, they have a history of not answering complaints from consumers and they’ve been in business for less than a year,” Bao Vang, the vice president of…

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