June 25, 2024

It’s a surprising revelation that even celebrities can be hoodwinked by swindlers. This is despite their habit of employing highly compensated individuals to handle their financial affairs. A case in point is the renowned celebrity Andy Cohen who recently got entrapped in an intricately planned credit card fraud. Cohen narrated his ordeal on The Today Show, detailing how his bank account was compromised via an imposter scam.

The Federal Trade Commission explicates that imposter scams occur when a con artist pretends to be someone else, such as a bank or government official, to swindle money or sensitive information from unsuspecting victims. According to FTC data, duping via impersonation has been the most common con for several years, with over 600,000 incidents reported in the U.S. in 2023. The cumulative loss from these scams exceeded a whopping $2 billion.

The Distressing Tale of Cohen’s Imposter Scam

Cohen elaborated on The Today Show how the scam unfolded after he misplaced his debit card. The subsequent day he received an email, seemingly from his bank’s fraud department. By clicking the email’s embedded link, he unwittingly allowed the scammer’s access to his bank account. The fraudsters then attempted to dupe him into logging into his Apple ID, which aroused his suspicions.

The next day brought additional distress with a suspicious text and call supposedly from his bank, regarding questionable card transactions. Upon denying any knowledge, he received coded instructions that eventually resulted in money being wired out of his account. Following these instructions, he unsuspectingly turned on the call forwarding feature on his phone, redirecting all inbound calls towards the fraudsters.

Upon realizing something was amiss, Cohen approached his bank and discovered a sizeable amount had been wired out of his account. He tactfully avoided mentioning the exact amount swindled from him on the show.

Even Celebrities Can’t Escape Scammers

Another notable incident from 2020 includes Barbara Corcoran, a successful businesswoman and the founder of real estate brokerage firm Corcoran Group. Corcoran, who is also a panelist on ABC’s Shark Tank, narrowly escaped an email scam which could have set her back by $400,000.

As reported by CNBC, the dupers managed to fool Corcoran’s bookkeeper by pretending to be her assistant and approving an invoice related to an investment in a non-existent European property all through an email. Corcoran realized what was happening when her assistant received an email about a wire transfer from the bookkeeper. Upon noticing one letter in her assistant’s email ID was misspelled, Corcoran managed to unravel the scam. Thankfully, her New York-based bank was able to freeze the funds before they reached the fraudsters in China, saving her fortune.

For additional information on how to dodge scam artists, ranging from romantic cons to business and government impersonators, visit the FTC’s tips here.

20 Most Frequently Used Passwords Intercepted on the Dark Web – Time to Change Yours!

You might prefer a password that’s straightforward to remember but remember, if it’s too simple, it’s likely not secure enough. Mobile security enterprise, Lookout, has recently released a list of 20 passwords most often found in leaked accounts on the dark web. As expected, most passwords involve some form of “12345”, or as simple as “Iloveyou”. Using such passwords increases your vulnerability to hack attacks.

We understand, easy recall is your primary concern. According to NordPass, the average person juggles over 100 different virtual accounts, each secured by a separate password. It’s understandably difficult to remember all of them, but ensure these passwords aren’t effortless for hackers to guess.

A potential solution is to maintain an old-fashioned notebook – yes, paper bound together – in a safe place with all your passwords, and make sure to include a blend of numbers, letters, and symbols to enhance security.

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