February 24, 2024


Cape Town’s extensive Big Brother surveillance network seems to be yielding some results after footage exposed credit card scammers forcing tourists to pay for their stroll down a road in Green Point.

WatchTower Group (WTG), a ‘smart detection analytics’ firm that monitors CCTV systems, released footage of the two scammers preying on the tourists by claiming that they needed a permit to walk on the road.

The visitors were then told to swipe their credit cards to pay for their stroll.

WTG posted on social media that ‘operators immediately recognised the scam and alerted PPA Security’. PPA officers were reportedly on the scene in minutes, and the scammers fled before they could successfully defraud the tourists.

‘Leveraging our extensive surveillance network, our operators pinpointed the tourists’ accommodation at a guest house, which is among our clientele. Upon contacting the guest house, it was confirmed that the fraud attempt had been thwarted.’

The footage led to the scammers being identified and arrested by Cape Town law enforcement officers, which is great news for a city relying on tourists. Jacques Weber, WTG Director, said  ‘Beyond offering top-tier Offsite Monitoring Services, our mission includes removing criminals from our streets. Allocating resources for apprehending wanted criminals is a testament to our dedication.’

Right on Jacques. As 1984-esque as constant video monitoring might feel…

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