July 24, 2024


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An alert has been sounded for the Chinese residents in response to an emerging investment trickery that is being propagated on certain social media platforms. Law enforcement officers are currently delving into two incidents where the victims were defrauded of several million dollars.

Detective Senior Sergeant Rob Hunkin from Counties Manukau CIB has shared that the fraudsters have been reaching out to potential victims on WeChat or Telegram and persuading them to invest in a so-called Australian investment platform. Once the victims are lured into the scam, they are asked to make their initial investment payments through an international bank transfer.

Eventually, the culprits advise the victims to continue their payment in cash. These transactions often occur in person, either at the victim’s residence or a predetermined location. However, as Detective Hunkin clarified, these investment platforms do not actually exist—it is an outright scam.

While the police are still probing these scams, they’re seeking the community’s support in raising awareness about these incidents. Hunkin warns that although these fraudulent schemes may appear lucrative, it’s important to remain wary.

If you’re approached to invest in a project or scheme, take extra precautions. Conduct comprehensive research to verify the legitimacy of the company before parting ways with your money. If something seems fishy or if you’re unable to validate the identity of the person or the scheme, don’t make any payment and cut off any further communication.

A legitimate investment opportunity would never demand cash payment, reiterates Hunkin. He additionally urged everybody to help spread awareness about this situation to their close ones to prevent further victims.

Guidelines to Avoid Scams:

– If an opportunity seems too rewarding to be true, it likely is.
– Consult a trusted acquaintance or family member, specifically someone who can provide expert advice about investments, before making any sort of financial commitment.
– If you sense any suspicious activity, stop all communication with the suspect.
– Avoid parting with money or disclosing any personal or financial information.

In case you believe you’ve fallen prey to a scam, you should instantly inform the police through their online portal or call at 105.

Frequently Asked Questions

#### What are some measures to take to avoid falling for scams?
Before making any financial commitments, thoroughly research the legitimacy of the company requesting the funds. Consult with trusted individuals familiar with investments, cease communication if you encounter suspicious activity, and never disclose personal or financial information.

#### What are the signs of an investment scam?
A fraudster might rush you to make a decision, promise high returns with low risk, and demand payment in cash. If a company fails to provide legitimate documentation or can’t be found on the register of licensed financial service providers, they might not be legitimate.

#### What should I do if I suspect I’ve been scammed?
Contact the authorities immediately. Report the scam to your local police station or report it online through the appropriate channels. Keep all attendant documentation or evidence related to the scam, such as email exchanges, receipts, etc.