February 8, 2023

MERIDIAN, Texas (KWTX) – The embattled former Bosque County treasurer who was removed from office in August is set to resume her duties as treasurer next month after voters returned her to office in November.

As Carla Sigler prepares to take back her position as Bosque County treasurer, she remains shrouded in controversy after she and her husband were found to have improperly taken a total of $700,000 in reported loans from an 89-year-old woman in Alaska in 2012 and 2013 before Sigler and her husband, Vernon, moved to Meridian in Central Texas.

Alaska’s Office of Elder Fraud and Assistance said the civil judgment against the Siglers, which has now swelled to more than $1.4 million with interest and punitive damages, represents the largest settlement in Alaska’s history.

Sigler did not return phone or email messages from KWTX on Friday. She was elected county treasurer in 2016, but was removed from office after a Bosque County jury in August found that she failed to complete mandatory continuing education hours and acted “recklessly” in failing to do so.

After Sigler was forced out of office based on the jury’s verdict, Pam Browning, a former employee in the Bosque County judge’s office, was appointed county treasurer. However, her appointment came well after the filing deadline to run for office, leaving Sigler as the lone candidate on the ballot for county treasurer.

Browning waged a vigorous write-in campaign against Sigler in the November general election, but…

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