June 15, 2024

Source: Royal Mail text message scam -Credit:Evening Gazette

An urgent cautionary alarm has been raised regarding deceptive text messages impersonating Royal Mail circulating among individuals. These acts of deceit, commonly referred to as ‘smishing’ strikes, typically contain hyperlinks that recipients are earnestly advised not to engage with.

In the past week, homeowners have been receiving alarming texts asserting that a parcel delivery needs to be rescheduled and urging the recipient to interact with a ‘bit. ly’ hyperlink. Unfortunately, this link directs them to an elaborate scam site that requests for payment.

Experts emphatically affirm that Royal Mail does not request payment through text messages. Other prevalent scam messages comprise of phrases like ‘An item is awaiting your collection’, and ‘A parcel is ready for delivery. Please confirm the payment of 2.99 (GBP) through this link. ‘, as disclosed by Wales Online.

Interacting with the link in these deceptive messages typically leads to a page that suggests a parcel was intercepted in transit with an outstanding delivery payment. The unsuspecting victim is then swindled into paying a £2.99 handling fee to retrieve their package, a process that eventually leads them to a sham website.

Heightened Alertness Against Scams

Another fraudulent scheme involves a message indicating that a parcel is awaiting collection, with a link directing to a bogus website (royal-mail. cloud) demanding payment. Email versions of this deceit also exist, with the sender masquerading as the Royal Mail Group Ltd. Various email addresses may be employed, including plausible addresses such as press.office@royalmail.com. These emails mislead recipients by informing them that their parcel delivery has been held due to unpaid custom duties.

Royal Mail is warning its customers of the scams to look out forRoyal Mail is warning its customers of the scams to look out for

Credit: Royal Mail is warning its customers of the scams to look out for -BirminghamLive

“We were unsuccessful in delivering your package at (for example) 10:50. Sender’s details: RoyalMail Delivery. Different email addresses are employed. The email informs you that you have missed a package delivery from HMRC Revenue and Customs and provides a link to reschedule the delivery”.

Most recently, multiple websites masquerading as Royal Mail selling fake Royal Mail Stamps and Collectables have come under scrutiny. Such sites may allure customers with discounts, but once personal details are provided, these cyber-criminals can use this information for future scams, and the stamps and collectables are either non-existent or counterfeit.

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More Information and Potential Scam Reporting

For further details on Royal Mail scams, consider visiting their official website: here.

If you encounter a suspicious email, a dubious text message, a questionable phone call, or stumble upon a fraudulent website impersonating the Royal Mail brand, immediately report it to reportascam@royalmail.com.

  • For questionable emails, forward them to reportascam@royalmail.com without clicking on any links or attachments, then remove them from your inbox promptly.

  • If you receive a suspicious text message, kindly screenshot the message and forward it to reportascam@royalmail.com.

  • To report suspicious calls or websites, please include the phone number or URL in your email body.

If, unfortunately, you fall victim to a payment scam, you can obtain a crime reference number by reporting the incident to your local police station.

In The Event of Clicking a Suspicious Link

Should you unintentionally click on a link, provide personal details like your bank details on a webpage or over the phone, feel that your security has been compromised, you should also report the scam to Action FraudOpens in a new window, the national fraud reporting centre. Please remember to call Police Scotland via the 101 telephone service for scams in or originating from Scotland.

How To Report a Spam Text

Forward the offensive text to 7726. An automated response acknowledging your report and providing extra instructions if needed might be issued afterward. You will not incur any charges for sending texts to 7726.

The numerals ‘7726’ can be easily remembered as they correspond to the word ‘SPAM’ on your telephone keypad. For more information, please visit Ofcom.