February 24, 2024

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Received a letter you believe is from the Internal Revenue Service threatening to seize your property for unpaid taxes? Read it carefully because it may not be from the IRS, even if it contains information you think is non-public. If you have had a tax lien or levy at some point, whether resolved or not, marketers or scammers may be scouring public records to use this information in an attempt to sell you services or steal your money.

A typical scheme involves receiving a letter from an entity with a name similar to the Internal Revenue Service and referring to the lien or levy. The letter may threaten seizure of property or even garnishment of bank accounts for non-payment. If you believe this letter may be a scam or marketing scheme, don’t respond to the contact information in the letter. Instead, go to irs.gov to get further information on how to confirm whether it’s legitimate.

More information at marincountyda.org or 415-473-6495.

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