June 16, 2024

As Texas enters a new week, yet another swindling scheme surfaces that locals need to watch out for. It’s simply astonishing the lengths some people will go to deceive others in order to pocket their hard-earned money. Unfortunately, there are those who prefer illicit methods over honest work. It’s dismaying and atrocious. The FBI is even putting out warnings against this new type of fraud.

Texas FBI Fraud Warning


The fresh hoax is dubbed ‘Smishing’ – an engineered attack perpetrated via fraudulent text messages, persuading the receiver to share sensitive information or to install malicious software. With the advent of technology, this detestable act is becoming increasingly prevalent and some fraudulent actors are even reported to be employing AI to amplify their deceitful operations.

Texas’ New Toll Road Fraud: Unfolding the Scenario

Tricksters are now on a spree of sending phoney text messages asserting unpaid toll bills across Texas. Counter your impulse to click on those messages or to make any payment as advised. Bear in mind, they will resort to intimidations of late charges, but it’s important to recognize, it’s all part of the ruse.

What Should You Do If You Fall Prey to This Scam?

If you find yourself ensnared by this new toll road scam, law enforcement agencies urge you to immediately report it to txtag.org, or by getting in touch with them directly at 866-468-9824. Please refrain from feeling embarrassed if you’ve been duped. Together, we can help halt these fraudsters in their tracks.

Six Familiar Cons that Texans Encounter

A roundup of six of the most frequently encountered hoaxes in Texas; arm yourself with this knowledge to avoid falling prey.

Gallery Contribution: Billy Jenkins

Heads Up Texans: The FBI Warns Against these Scams!

Beware, these scams are infesting Texas and the FBI are reiterating their warning to prevent you from becoming the next victim.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins