February 8, 2023

There have been seven reports of fake parking citations placed on cars that are parked in private lots.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new parking scam is swindling drivers out of money.

The Better Business Bureau said there have been seven reports of drivers receiving fake citations after parking in private lots in South End and Uptown Charlotte. 

Unsuspecting victims pay the fines online not realizing it’s a scam.

“They’ve taken technology to another level to be able to rip people off,” Tom Bartholomy with the BBB told WCNC Charlotte.  

Bartholomy explained that the scammers have a handheld device that prints out tickets that look real. However, there are ways to stay vigilant. 

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Privately owned lots will usually tow or boot a car if it’s in violation. So, if someone gets a parking ticket for parking in a privately owned lot, they should triple-check that it’s legitimate.

If the ticket says violators can pay the fine with Paypal or Venmo, Bartholomy said that’s a red flag. 

If the citation claims to be from the city…

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