November 29, 2023


General assistance: Sandhurst Drive

A resident said Jan. 6 that there was a wicker basket in her trash with baby blankets that did not belong to her.

It was unknown how the items got into the trash, but officers did not find any cause for concern.

Suspicion: Miner Road

A resident said Jan. 6 that a truck followed her into her driveway and then the driveway of a neighboring family member. She said somebody got out of the truck, walked around the backyard with a flashlight for about ten minutes, and then left the area.

Officers checked the area for the truck but did not locate it.

General assistance: Golfview Lane

A resident of a healthcare facility reported Jan. 7 that she only wanted to be treated by a female aide, but a male aide kept coming to her room.

Officers contacted the facility and advised the staff of the call.

General assistance: Highland Road

A resident said Jan. 5 that he received an email that proved to be for an IRS related scam.

He realized it was a scam when a link asked for personal information, of which he did not provide.

Fraud: Rutland Drive

A resident said Jan. 7 that an unknown person fraudulently opened a bank account in her name.

There was no monetary loss attributed with the incident, but a report was filed so she could notify the credit bureaus.

Suspicion: Ford Road

A woman reported Jan. 8 that her landlord broke into her home, changed the locks and left a notice to vacate the home by Jan. 30.

Reports indicate there is an ongoing situation…

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