December 7, 2023

DELMARVA – Tax season is almost here, but unfortunately, tax scammer season comes with it. This is why a Delmarva accountant is advising people on how to avoid crooks posing as the IRS.

A local CPA, Mark Welsh says, he’s dealt with many clients over the years who have fallen victim to a scam call from someone claiming to be the IRS. He says scammers take advantage during this time because everyone is trying to get their taxes done, waiting on their W2’s and 1099s. Scammers are aware people need to file with the IRS, that’s when they step their game up.

Welsh tells 47 ABC, scammers have become more creative over the years, and although it can happen to anyone, we’re told scammers tend to target the elderly or the younger generation.

Now Welsh is giving readers tips on how to detect and handle these types of scams. He says if anyone claiming to be with the IRS is threatening you, giving you a time limit to pay, or asking for payments that aren’t with a credit card, it’s definitely a scam. “That’s why they use in particular the MoneyPak card because the fact is, you can’t reverse it, and you’re not going to get a refund,” says Welsh. He adds, “If you get a phone call like that, just hang up, that’s the best thing you can do, you shouldn’t engage in conversation.”

Welsh also tells us, the IRS does not call you and will not email you. “The only way you communicate with the IRS is a letter in the mail,” adds Welsh.

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