June 25, 2024

We’re often bombarded with calls from unfamiliar numbers. It’s wise not to respond. Particularly, if an unknown number from this list pops up, avoid answering it at all costs.

Have you ever questioned the quantity of fraudulent calls hitting your phone weekly? Scammers never sleep, continuously devising new ways to swindle you off your hard-earned money. With innumerable scam methods out there, it is exhausting to stay updated and differentiate between genuine calls and trap calls.


Scammers have mastered the art over time, making it difficult for people to recognize fraudulent calls. Using a technique known as “spoofing”, they can alter the caller ID information. This technique confuses individuals into falling for scams. Although most telephone service providers alert you about suspected scam calls by displaying “Scam Likely” beneath the number, not all fraudulent calls can be flagged. So, how to identify these scam calls?

Avoid Responding to Calls From These Numbers

An essential tip is to recognize common numbers used by scammers. Thanks to Go Banking Rates, eleven such numbers have been identified. Here is a list of numbers to avoid:

  • (904) 495-2559 – Claims a raffle win
  • (858) 605-9622 – Alleges your bank account has been frozen
  • (878) 877-1402 – Insists credit card account is put on hold
  • (863) 532-7969 – States that your debit card was compromised
  • (469) 709-7630 – The notorious failed delivery attempt hoax
  • (805) 637-7243 – Poses as a representative from Publisher’s Clearing House
  • (202) 221-7923 – Asserts that your student loans will be pardoned
  • (312) 339-1227 – Weight loss and delivery fraud calls
  • (865) 630-4266 – This number is associated with the Wells Fargo text message scam
  • (347) 437-1689 – Convinces about pending tax payment
  • (301) 307-4601 – Origin point of USPS scams

More Measures To Avoid Phone Scams

Identifying scam calls can be challenging at times, but thankfully, many scams originate from specific area codes. Keeping an eye for scam-prone area codes can save you from being another victim. Click here to learn more about them. To stop the influx of scam calls, check out this guide.

Prominent Scams Today And How to Safeguard Yourself

Using Sound Recognition On iPhone

By engaging the Sound Recognition attribute on your iPhone, you can be alerted when particular sounds are perceived. This feature can aid in ensuring the safety of your loved ones.

Credit: Travis Sams

Setting a Contact as an Emergency Bypass on iPhone

This safety function ensures that you will not miss a significant call even if your phone is on silent. This contact can bypass the silent setting, and the call will ring, ensuring you never miss it.

Credit: Melissa Awesome