July 17, 2024

We wish to draw your attention to notify senior relatives:

The Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office is cautioning the public about a current telephone scam. It involves individuals playing the role of deputies from the sheriff’s office. Of late, there’s a scam call where the impersonator is posing as Sgt. Daniel Haydel and is asking for cash or digital transfer for bail.

It’s essential not to be deceived! Our organization will NEVER get in touch with you and ask for any cash payment form (for example: GreenDot, CashApp, Venmo, PayPal) over the telephone for arrest subpoenas, warrants, or tickets. Should there be a phone call you find suspicious, HANG UP!!!

Do remember to call (225) 621-8300, the primary number of our office, if there’s need to make contact with any of our departments.

Reiterating, the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office will never ask for payment through the phone. We urge our citizens to stay vigilant when someone over the phone asks for payment from a call not initiated by you.



Q: What is the phone scam that the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office (APSO) is warning against?

A: APSO has alerted the public regarding a phone scam where individuals are pretending to be deputies from their office. The scam involves people claiming to be a Sgt. Daniel Haydel and asking for cash or digital money for cashing out a bail.

Q: How does APSO propose to react if one encounters a suspicious phone call?

A: APSO highly recommends to hang up immediately on receiving any suspicious phone call. They want to emphasize that their agency will never ask for any form of cash payment through phone calls for arrest subpoenas, warrants, or tickets.

Q: What if I need to contact APSO?

A: APSO has provided a primary contact number, (225) 621-8300, that people can call if they need to contact their offices.