June 16, 2024

Ever been acquainted with the name, Vincent Gambino Baker? He’s been harassing innocent citizens from Amarillo to Corpus Christi, El Paso to Texarkana, and numerous locations in between, both in Texas and beyond.

He is rather infamous for his unsolicited and unnerving emails. Vincent Gambino Baker presents himself as a legal professional with the BM Lawyer firm. It might appear credible, correct?

Nothing could be more inaccurate.

Such emails have been widely circulated in the country for a prolonged time now.

This email embodies a phishing scam that is still going around, indicating its effectiveness in conning people.

  • The suspect email suggests that your presence is mandatory in court, without providing further clear details.
  • It mentions an instruction to be present in court, but fails to mention which court specifically. There are multiple courts in most areas.
  • With regard to the location, Vincent ambiguously writes “the country courthouse”. However, there are several country courthouses where most Texans reside.

The fraudulent nature of the email reveals itself when you attempt to view the court notice by clicking the provided link, which then proceeds to ask you several invasive questions. Do note that such private information should never be disclosed through an email link.

The email concludes with a menacing threat of warrant issuance if instructions aren’t followed, intimidating most recipients who dread having a warrant against their names. This tactic is cleverly devised to instigate people to end up clicking the dubious link and revealing their private data in an attempt to avoid imprisonment.

Sadly, Vincent Gambino Baker isn’t an authentic individual or attorney. There is a possibility that scammers are merely using this identity to deceive unsuspecting victims.

Steer Clear from Such Scams

Legitimate court summons are typically conveyed through mail or delivered by a process server, sheriff, or constable. They certainly do not appear as random emails.

Exercise caution when you come across any suspicious and obscure emails. If it strikes as odd, then it most probably isn’t safe. Ensure not to make it easy for the fraudsters to access your personal information.

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