June 16, 2024

Authorities are sounding the alarm over a pervasive contractor con trick manifesting in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

About 3 incidents have been documented in East Providence just last week, while other departments (Providence, Lincoln, Seekonk) have noted parallel cases in preceding weeks. According to East Providence Police, these scams have made residents lose thousands of dollars.

Police assert that this appears to be an extensive hoax, organized by several smaller groups scattered across the area. The key perpetrators are generally young males (in their 20s and 30s), bearing European accents, and are likely to be undocumented. They may also engage day workers to carry out some of the tasks.

Grey-haired homeowners are primarily on their radar. They would drive around societies in hunt of victims and tell homeowners about some repair work required for their chimney, foundation, steps, etc. They generally arrive in pickup trucks without visible license plates or with out-of-state registration plates.

These collectives ask for payment either directly to several individuals or a single person and insist on not making checks out to the supposed company’s name.

According to the police, the company names (Homecare Masonry and Roofing, Vintage Paving and Masonry, Greater Boston Masonry & Construction, TDM Property Solutions, Safeguard Masonry and Waterproofing, Stay Dry Waterproofing and Masonry, etc.) are not actual businesses, and provided addresses and phone numbers are fakes.

Authorities advise verifying the legitimacy of the company before allowing someone to perform any task. In case the visiting person(s) raise any suspicion, they urge you to immediately report to your local police station.