November 29, 2023

New York Attorney General Letitia James is warning people to be aware of fundraising scams in the wake of Sunday’s deadly apartment fire in the Bronx borough that left 17 people dead, including eight children.

A malfunctioning electric space heater apparently started the fire in the 19-story building, fire officials said. The flames damaged only a small part of the building, but smoke poured through the apartment’s open door and turned stairwells into dark, ash-choked death traps. The stairs were the only method of escape in a tower too tall for fire escapes.

“In moments of tragedy, New Yorkers are quick to offer support, donations, and strength to those in need, but too often, individuals take advantage of that kindness,” James said in a statement. “As we look to aid those who were impacted by the horrific fire in the Bronx yesterday, we must be vigilant and ensure that victims receive each and every donation that is intended for them. My heart is with the Bronx today as we mourn, pray, and heal as one community.”

James outlined several tips for people to consider before offering a donation:

Check Before Giving

Donate to charities you are familiar with and carefully review information about the charity before you give….

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