July 24, 2024

A group of unsuspecting homeowners from Mississauga found themselves in an unbelievable situation after hiring a seemingly esteemed construction business. Unbeknownst to them, they had contracted an impostor business, that replicating the identity of Royal Town Construction. Series of strange happenings eventually led to the arrest of Jun Shu, a homeowner who got entangled in the imbroglio.

Shu spent a chilling six hours within a jail cell after the fraudulent company fooled everyone, including the police, with their lavish business cards and convincing logo.

Expressing his disappointment, Shu remarked, “In my 62-year history, I didn’t have anything like this. I feel I was badly treated,”.

According to Shu, on the 14th of May, a perplexing paving company approached his door, made an offer to his wife, and even started to work on their driveway without receiving any affirmation.

Their business card ostensibly belonged to “Royal Town Construction Ltd” and had a similar logo to the actual company, causing confusion when clients got mediocre work.

Kosta Alexopoulous, a supervisor of the real Royal Town Construction, shared his bewilderment upon hearing multiple complaints about poor construction jobs they never did.

During an emergency visit to Mississauga, Alexopoulous and his team witnessed the scamming group fleeing the scene, abandoning their machines and equipment while paved driveways behind.

![Paving scam](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/1718146663_105_image.jpg)

With the scam artists gone and leaving behind a sit-on pavement roller, Shu took it into his possession, only to have the police visiting him for inquiries about it. These visits eventually led to Shu’s arrest for alleged possession of stolen property.

![Paving scam](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/1718146663_948_image.jpg)

Shu describes his six-hour incarceration experience as unpleasant and frustrating. He says he felt pressured to return the roller and was ignored when he voiced health concerns.

Finally, in response to the convoluted situation, a spokesperson for Peel Regional Police said they are looking into the matter and confirmed that the paving company was the complainant.

Meanwhile, the real-status of the impersonating company remains unclear. However, Alexopoulous expresses faith in his company’s reputation and advises customers to double-check with the office before agreeing to any contracts.

As for the unfortunate homeowner Shu, he plans to repair his driveway, this time, by contracting the actual Royal Town Construction.

### Frequently Asked Questions:

**Who are Royal Town Constructions?**

Royal Town Constructions is an established and respected construction company in Woodbridge. It doesn’t typically use small rollers, as seen in the case of the scam, instead preferring large dump trucks and earth movers.

**What happened in the Mississauga paving scam?**

An impostor outfit took on the name and logo of Royal Town Construction to trick homeowners in Mississauga. Unfortunately, folks hired them to redo their driveways before realizing it wasn’t the actual company. The impersonating company fled leaving a sit-on pavement roller behind; homeowner Jun Shu held on to it under the belief that he was taken advantage of. Ultimately, he was arrested for possession of stolen property.

**How can homeowners avoid scams like these?**

Prospective clients must exercise due diligence before hiring any construction company. This could include checking the company’s previous works or calling the office directly to verify. Ensure you have a written contract and avoid agreeing to contracts initiated by door-to-door solicitations.