June 25, 2024

Several homeowners in Mississauga were left distressed after unknowingly hiring a fraudulent construction company, in turn leading to the arrest of one homeowner in a bizarre turn of events. The company falsely simulated to be the well-respected Royal Town Construction.

The impersonation was convincing, with deception running into the creation of professional business cards and matching logos. The fraud was so well executed that client Jun Shu, who ended up in jail for six hours, believes even the police may have been tricked.

“My 62-year-long life has never seen such a day. I felt wronged,” expresses Shu, an engineer by profession.

In mid-May, representatives of the faked firm approached Shu’s wife with a proposition to replace their driveway. Even before deciding, she found out that the team had already started digging a part of the driveway.

The fraudulent business card bore the name “Royal Town Construction Ltd.” with a logo similar to the genuine Woodbridge-based company. Unsurprisingly, the actual Royal Town Construction had no idea about the ongoing work when contacted by Shu and his neighbours.

Kosta Alexopoulous, a supervisor at the genuine firm, shares that they had been flooded with complaints about shoddy work falsely attributed to them. They were eventually able to uncover the scam unfolding in Mississauga.

![Paving scam](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/1718146663_105_image.jpg)

The scam group promptly deserted the work upon Royal Town Construction’s arrival, leaving behind machines and equipment. Shu reported the incident to the Peel Regional Police, who confirmed the initiation of a fraud investigation. Following this, Mississauga crews were deployed to clear the debris left on the road.

A pavement roller dumped by the fraudsters was taken by Shu to pay for the repair of his driveway. However, a few days later, the same equipment ended up causing Shu’s arrest for possession of stolen property, after officers insisted on its return. Eventually, Shu agreed to return the roller following a six-hour jail stint.

![Paving scam](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/1718146663_948_image.jpg)

Dealing with the police in handcuffs was a first for Shu, who testified to being detained in a cold cell. He felt his health concerns were neglected, and he was pressurized to return the equipment without being heard.

A spokesperson from Peel Regional Police revealed that while they are investigating the case, the original complainant was indeed a paving company. The police followed up due to Shu’s refusal to return the equipment, which was eventually returned after educating him about the ongoing charge. The spokesperson confirmed Shu’s subsequent release without any charge.

The inquiry on the fraudulent company is still obscure, with hoaxes surrounding even their listed phone number. The real Royal Town Construction, however, is warning customers about possible fraudulent activity while ensuring the use of only large equipment in their operations.

Alexopoulous surmises that his company was chosen to be imitated due to its immaculate reputation, urging customers to stay vigilant and verify before accepting any work proposals.

As for Shu, he now plans to get his driveway fixed by the authentic Royal Town Construction outfit.

### FAQS

##### 1) What led to the arrest of a homeowner in Mississauga?

The homeowner’s arrest was the result of a bizarre turn of events when a fraudulent construction company used the reputable name of Royal Town Construction, deceived many homeowners, and left incomplete paving jobs around Mississauga. The homeowner, unaware of the scam, kept some equipment left behind by these fraudulent workers and was subsequently arrested for possession of stolen property.

##### 2) Why was the fraudulent company using the name of Royal Town Construction?

The fraudulent company was impersonating the reputable Royal Town Construction as an attempt to make the scheme more believable. They used the company’s good standing in the industry to earn the trust of potential customers, then provided subpar services. The impersonation was convincing, withheld actual construction work, and left a trail of complaints that eventually led to unveiling the scam.

##### 3) What advice has the real Royal Town Construction given to potential customers?

After the incident, the actual company, Royal Town Construction, has urged customers to be cautious about such fraudulent acts. They are advocating their clients to verify claims of any workers who show up at their homes claiming to be from Royal Town Construction before agreeing to any work. They have also stated that they use only large-sized machines, unlike small rollers used in the scams.