June 25, 2024

In Renfrewshire, a man was severely injured during a hit-and-run accident. The event took place around 00:30 on Saturday on Thorn Brae, Johnstone.

The victim, a 34-year-old individual, was hit by a silver Volkswagen Polo. The car didn’t stop after the incident. Det Insp Russell Paton, who is overseeing the case, revealed that investigations to ascertain all sides of the occurrence are still in progress. He made a public appeal for anyone with any helpful information related to the accident to notify the police.

In addition, Det Insp Russell Paton urged anyone who might have personal CCTV footages or dashcam recordings of the surrounding area at the time of the incident to [step forward](https://www.scotland.police.uk/contact-us/).

## Related FAQs

### What could be the possible implications of the hit-and-run incident?

Hit-and-run incidents often involve severe legal implications for the culprit if caught. The guilty party could face fines, loss of license, or even imprisonment. For the victim, it could lead to significant physical damage, emotional trauma, costly medical expenses, and sometimes, long-term disability or death.

### What measures are being taken to investigate the incident?

To elucidate the full circumstances surrounding the accident, the police are currently conducting thorough investigations. They are appealing for anyone with helpful information or private CCTV or dashcam footage to come forward.

### What should an individual do if they witnessed the incident?

Witnesses of any such incident should immediately report it to the police. If they have captured it on a private CCTV or dashcam, they’re encouraged to share it with the investigators to aid in the case as it could provide significant details crucial for capturing the culprit.