June 16, 2024

An unsuspecting 74-year-old woman from Hamilton without a prior record was apprehended for a bank heist that happened in Fairfield Township on Friday.

The police incident report sheds light on the sequence of events that unfolded on that day.

Ann Mayers admitted to committing the crime and was charged with aggravated robbery, according to the authorities.

The incident report insinuates that Mayers was ensnared in an online scam and was financially desperate.

The Felony Act

On Friday, close to 1:30 p.m., police were called to AurGroup Financial Credit Union stationed at 3085 Creekside Drive due to a bank heist.

Employees at the credit union informed the authorities that a tall lady with curly gray hair and spectacles, adorned in a gray t-shirt, sweatpants, and a COVID-19 mask, had breached the premises.

She came with two bags, one of which contained a firearm, as reported by the bank tellers to the police.

The staff mentioned that the lady mandated one of the tellers to fill a bag with cash.

She absconded from the financial institution driving a silver 2014 Hyundai Elantra, triggering an employee to alert the police.

Through collating security footage and conducting several investigative measures, the police discerned the car and subsequently revealed Mayers as the car owner and primary suspect.

The Detention

By 3 p.m., the police arrived at Mayers’ abode in Hamilton.

Mayers greeted the officers alongside her sister at the front of her house. Even though Mayers matched the description given by the tellers, she was attired differently.

The police apprehended Mayers without encountering any issues, and Officer Corey Stebbins transported Mayers to Fairfield Township Police Department for interrogation.

Police at Ann Mayers' Hamilton home captured by body camera footage.

As per the police report, Mayers spontaneously confessed to Stebbins by stating, “I know why you’re here.”

When asked why he was there, Stebbins replied, leading to Mayers disclosing, “The bank, AurGroup, I did it,” as per the report.

The Interrogation

At the police station, Mayers was briefed about her Miranda rights.

She thereafter admitted to carrying out the robbery at AurGroup Financial Credit Union Bank using a handgun, revealed the police report.

According to the police report, Mayers disclosed that she executed it as she was penniless and had thought about doing it before.

She added that she disgarded the clothes she had on during the heist a few minutes after escaping from the Credit Union, as stated in the police report.

When probed regarding the money and firearm, Mayers affirmed their presence in her vehicle and elucidated their whereabouts.

Mayers gave the officers explicit permission to inspect her vehicle.

With an authorized search permit, officers conducted a vehicle search and discovered $568 separated into $50, $10, $5 and $1 notes.

Officers also came across a loaded revolver.

The items were discovered exactly where Mayers claimed they would be.

Mayers also procured $12 from her pocket and placed it on the interrogation table, believing it to be part of the heist funds.

Possible Motive

While Mayers was held captive, her sister, Linda Mayers, uncovered a possible motive in a discussion with the police.

Linda disclosed that her sister had contemplated carrying out a heist in the past few days, as per the police report.

Her sister voluntarily mentioned to the police that Ann had been conversing with a man online who claimed to be an officer with US Customs and Border Protection.

As per Linda, Ann borrowed substantial amounts of money from relatives and friends to wire to this man.

Linda told the Police Sgt. Brandon McCroskey that she gave her sister approximately $5,000 while another friend gave her close to $65,000.

Ann confessed to her sister about someone attempting to seize their house due to her owing them $65,000, during a documented prison call, as per the report.

Is Mayers a Victim?

When asked whether Mayers could be considered a victim in this case, McCroskey told The Enquirer, “Two situations can be valid simultaneously. She can be seen as a victim, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that she victimized others, which she undoubtedly did.”

“Those bank employees were petrified,” he mentioned. “She invaded the bank brandishing a gun and committed a heist.

“Two negative actions don’t justify a positive one.”

What’s next?

Mayers faces two felony charges, including aggravated robbery employing a firearm and evidence tampering for discarding her clothes.

Mayers had a preliminary court hearing on Wednesday.

She is presently held at the Butler County Jail, with bail set at a cumulative sum of $100,000.