June 15, 2024

Ohio police report a case of an elderly woman, 74, embroiled in an internet scam who, ostensibly to sort out her financial debacle, resorted to raid a credit union.

Ann Mayers, based in Hamilton, Ohio, was apprehended from her residence following a claim by the Fairfield Township Police Department implicating her in the AurGroup Credit Union raid. Based on the testimony of credit union staff, on April 19, a lady walked in and “maneuvered a handgun while requesting money,” as per police commentary on Facebook.

The police, after reaching Mayer’s residence, identified the silver 2014-model Hyundai Elantra she was allegedly maneuvering during the raid. After her confession to the crime, law enforcement proceeded to detain her.

In the vehicle owned by Mayers, the local police detectives uncovered a handgun, mentioned in a social media post.

Until the alleged bank breach, Mayers had no prior criminal run-ins, the police reported. She now faces accusations of severe robbery wielding a firearm and tampering with evidence, both classified as felonies.

As per Butler County court documentation, it is ambiguous if Mayers procured legal representation for her case.

Did Ann Mayers fall prey to a Scam?

The police uncovered possible scam involvement after her family shared tales of her transferring money to an “unidentified person,” stated Sgt. Brandon McCroskey in a mail to USA TODAY.

“With regard to this angle, she might be perceived as a victim. Regrettably, in an attempt to deal with her predicament, Ann decided to victimize several credit union clients by raiding the institution with a gun,” added McCroskey.

CCTV footage showing Ann Mayers, 74, supposedly robbing a Fairfield Township credit union in Butler County, Ohio on April 19, 2024

He branded Mayers’ predicament as “desolately grim and regrettable” if her family’s claims hold. He further adds that “she meticulously executed the robbery, perceptible from evidence like her vehicle’s missing license plate and a forcibly removed bumper sticker.”

“Leading up to the robbery, she even reportedly hinted at bank robberies in conversations with her family, but her comments were dismissed as non-serious by the family members,” stated McCroskey.

Currently, Mayers is detained at the Butler County Jail. She will continue to remain there until her first court hearing, according to police.