June 16, 2024

During her early adulthood, Tiffany Aliche experienced a massive financial scam. A smooth-talking fraudster convinced her to withdraw a $35,000 cash advance from her credit card for investment. Promising massive returns similar to Bernie Madoff’s notorious scheme, he preyed on her innocence as an investor. The investment was a fraud, and she never saw her money again.

Working at a preschool, Tiffany was earning a modest amount. Things took a turn when the school ceased operations, and Aliche lost her job. Unable to keep up with her mortgage payments, she had to relinquish her condo.

Her journey to recovery from this financial catastrophe started with reckoning with a profound sense of monetary shame. Tiffany Aliche, currently a renowned financial educator recognized as The Budgetnista, opens up her battle against financial humiliation.

She discusses financial wholeness, the antithesis to financial shame, and advises on combating the perils of debt and scams.

Relevant discussion timestamps from November 2023:

02:20: Unpacking “financial wholeness”

02:40: Tiffany’s journey of wiping off debt and surviving a financial fraud

19:30: Strategies to handle the humiliation of a challenging financial phase
20:53: Identifying safe support systems
28:10: Emotional work – the first step towards financial recuperation
29:16: Rethinking financial failures
33:39: Ground rules for a side hustle
38:33: Juxtaposing side hustle and side business
41:03: Distinguishing between retirement investments and wealth creation investments

Links to resources:
MadeWholeWorkbook.com – Website
budgetnista.com – Website

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can one identify financial scams?
-Would you explain the term “financial wholeness”?
-What advice would you give to someone who has fallen victim to a financial scam and is struggling to recover?