February 8, 2023

Animals have such a wonderful thing as a conditioned reflex – a mechanism for remembering positive or negative (mostly) conditions in certain situations. Birds remember not to fly into fields where there is a scarecrow, a cat understands where its tray is, a dog knows perfectly well who feeds it and who walks with it… You can give endless examples, but there is one exception in the world of living beings. Yes, that’s right – people.

In fact, our consciousness is both a great blessing and a great source of various problems. After all, no matter what conditioned reflex a person develops, we can always overcome it if we really want something. And often we play havoc with ourselves, stepping on the same rake over and over again.

We convince ourselves that this time we will definitely win at the casino, that we are used to unloved and not very well-paid jobs, that the charismatic and spectacular politician will keep all of their numerous and generous campaign promises… We believe again and again, we are wrong again and again – but very rarely do we draw the right conclusions from our own mistakes.

Recently, a true viral thread appeared in the AskReddit community, the topic starter of which asked people just one question: “What’s 100% a scam but we accepted it in our society?” As of today, there are already exactly 35K upvotes and more than 34.1K of a wide variety of comments, from really serious and vital ones to jokes as well, but still fully answering the original…

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